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However, it is worth noting that a purchase is not necessary to make a review. This goes to prove that leaving a review on Amazon is not a waste of time. The more you review and build your profile and ranking — the more you are likely to be selected for the Vine Voices program. The first and easiest freebie offered are the Kindle eBooks that are free to browse.

There are a lot of free books available of Amazon for the most avid of readers. Some are free because they are out of copyright and some are free for a limited period as a means of introducing new up and coming authors. Next, you can get involved in the sample box program.

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If you are an Amazon Prime member then you can purchase sample boxes — then you get your money back in the form of an Amazon voucher — the equivalent to a digital gift card. These boxes have everything from free food, new products, sample products and other goodies. Its limited to one sample box per customer — but there are new free boxes available all year round. Everyone has access to free digital albums, where you can browse music for free.

If you want to know what is free to listen to click the low to high button and the free stuff rises to the top. There is also 5GB of free cloud storage on the Amazon Drive. If you are an Amazon Prime Member you get unlimited photo storage — as well as the 5GB of free storage. The good thing about free cloud storage with Amazon is that you can be sure it is going to be around for a while! Amazon has a whole load of free apps that you can download. Like with the music, click low to high and see all these free apps rise to the top.

There is some great stuff here… then there is the goat simulator app… so read the reviews before wasting your time. Audible is a linked site to Amazon and it is possible to get two free audiobooks as part of a trial of the site. You need to sign up with a fresh email to get access to the promotional offer. If you have a student email address, then you can get Amazon Prime free for six months — with no promotional codes required.

This gives you access to free TV, free music, free movies — and free postage. You also receive exclusive college discounts. This is great for binging on movies during the holidays — and a great way to get discounts near holiday shopping periods!

Everybody has access to a day trial with Amazon Prime — which means 30 days of freebies — including the chance to watch such amazing content as The Tick! Tags: Amazon free deal Amazon free stuff free product. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Hey there!

Alice, the idea was to list the top ten. But I will probbaly be making a new list of all freebie sites and will include yours as well. The list is not bad, however, there are few popular sites missing in the list like FreebiesDip. I agree, however the idea for this list was to just list the 10 best ones. But I will either make a new post with more freebie sites or add to this list. Stay tuned. I have a freebie group on facebook.

I only post direct links to the sample or freebie and I always test it out before I post. Busy mom lol! Hi Jeff, most of these offers are for the U. Thanks for reading! GoFreebies actually lists legit freebies, but the stuff they offer you at first is like on a lot of similar sites where you have to complete gold, silver, and platinum offers to receive it.

My favorites are FreebieShark. I get the most from Crowdtap, but you have to go on there pretty regularly to get chosen. Thank you for a great article. Is it ok to just post the freebies that I get from subscribing from other websites in my website or I need to get permission from the company who own the freebies. You can list the actual freebies normally without permission. Does anyone know about Freebie mom on face book, and are they a real company. That pays you for freebies and does anyone really get the grand prize.

Hopefully someone else may be able to answer this. Thanks for the post! I was just wondering — Is getitfree safe to use or is it a scam since you have to enter your info? GetItFree is a legitimate site. I understand your concern with sites that ask for personal info, but this is done for a few reasons.

Mainly, to be able to send you emails later with new deals, freebies, and perhaps promotional offers. After all, these sites have to make money somehow! Thanks for the heads up, Katie. It was an issue with the link. The site is still available. I fixed the link. It should be working now. The best site that I have found is freebie mom she has free samples all the time and you actually get them. She also does a lot of giveaways I have won quite a bit of stuff from her site.

Freebie mom is the only site I found that is actually legit. I think it is great, Are you updating your site for ? I have tried so many different sites and spent so much time filling out questions my head is spinning. Thank you Ali. So what would you guys say is the most gainful, legit freebee websites, without excessive junk emails? It depends on what kind of freebies you are looking for.

Also, the junk email part is a given. You are gonna get those no matter whcih site you join. They basically are selling ad space within the emails to those advertisers and hoping you will become a customer. Also, keep in mind that a lot of these sites use your profile information to match you up with freebies.

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So, the more complete your profile is, the more chances you may have at getting those freebies. Check out our Free Stuff category for all kinds of ways you can get freebies and samples. I almost always get every single one in the mail! Hi Valerie! I actually tried to sign up with FreebieBin, and I just kept getting routed to new pages asking me the same questions over and over again. Are you a bit of a shutterbug?

Latest Free Stuff UK – Scam Site or Legit Freebies? My Review Uncovers Everything

Amazon is an excellent eCommerce platform, which allows you to buy almost anything from food to films. Stray Rescue of St. We all like love freebies. Getting free stuff and saving money go hand in hand. Join InboxDollars for free. InboxDollars pays you to watch videos, search, shop, take surveys, and more. Discussion the freebies wont load on BirthdayTreats. Not sure if I understand your comment, Rose.

Thank for the great list. There are a few new ones I will check out. Thanks for asking. Have a great day. Thanks for sharing your experience Deb.

Daily Goodie Box

Have a great day as well. Thank you for taking time to share your experience, Lynnette. Do you use any other free stuff sites? Thanks for taking time to share your experience, Terra. I use pinch me. I get free samples monthly. Then you go in and rate the products. A weekly giveaway of Beauty Boxes for Year and upcoming new giveaways are also hosted : Thanks! Ana, thanks for the suggestion. Nice work, Alison. How long have you been running the FB group? I want a free xbox or ps which site should i use.

Theres another free stuff site which is really good. Get paid to try offers just work like this and it's up to you to be organized and remember what you've ordered and when to cancel if at all. Many offers from these Fortune companies are trial offers. If the trial period expires and the offer has not been cancelled, the company must be able to charge the customer for the product. Pre-paid credit cards are not credit cards. If there is no money on the card, the company does not get paid, and even is in danger of not getting the product back.

So from a business perspective I understand why they don't want people using pre-paid card. The business model is hedging on the fact that some people will become customers or quite honestly forget to cancel. It cuts in on their margins and makes it less profitable to pay for referrals if they can't make some of that money back. Yes it does work and so does this business model. There is nothing illegal about companies paying for referrals that result in a business transaction.

Express My Cash Freebies pays their affiliates as soon as they receive confirmation of a completed order. However it's not a business model that a lot of people like because of the whole doing an offer and remembering to cancel if at all. So it's definitely not an opportunity for everyone. I can't really see this as a way to to quit your job or replace your income totally. However, it is a feasible way to make some extra income on the side. I would just consider this opportunity as another stream of cash that you want to have in your Multiple Streams Of Income.

Because you never want to have all your eggs in one basket because if that opportunity ends then so does your income. With that in mind you may want to check out My 1 Free Work At Home Recommendation as well since it was another opportunity that has helped me to make a full time income from the comfort of my home.